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Direct Business Rescue can provide a range of solutions to commercial issues when the unexpected happens.
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You can be confident in Direct Business Rescue to get you across the finish line from our excellent track record in assisting our clients to find the best solutions.
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Direct Business Rescue, navigating the regulatory mine field in order to reduce the burdens for our clients in challenging times.

Direct Business Rescue

Experienced advice & Workable Solutions when your business needs them the most!

The business community have seen their livelihoods decimated by Covid19 and the subsequent effects, Both financial and personal. Making their future in business more uncertain than ever before.

Direct Business Rescue provides practical advice and Government legislation’s to help your business through the uncertainty ahead. We have an enviable track record of successful solutions to commercial issues so you can be confident that you are not alone in this and we do know the answers!

Business Rescue, Recovery & Stability Solutions

  • Are you feeling the pressure due to circumstances beyond your control?
  • Is the word “overdue” increasingly appearing on your statements?
  • Are you receiving fan mail from HMRC?
  • Do you feel that you may have to close the doors, yet you have worked so hard and this is not your fault?
  • Do you wish you could reduce your liabilities without needing high tariff loans, selling assets or maybe even winding up?
  • Do you want to continue to run your own company without outside interference?
  • Direct Business Rescue can help, there’s always a positive, this is what we do!
  • We will supply a qualified overview of all exit strategies which are favourable to your predicament and also, what happens if you do nothing!
  • Direct Business Rescue specialist consultants will visit you personally in order to ascertain accurately of where you are at the moment, what action needs to be taken and most importantly, when!
  • Our consultant will answer all your questions, do some calculations and give you a clear, detailed explanation of all options currently available to you, based upon 20 years professional experience, which is free of charge!
  • You are then free to make your decisions as to how you may wish to proceed.
  • Should you choose for us to act upon your behalf, we will work with you and your creditors every step of the way, from start to viability and stability!
  • Initially, it’ll cost you a cup of tea!

We use government legislation’s to help reduce your current over-bearing liabilities and spread the remaining balance over  5 years, allowing you to continue to trade with freedom and alleviate liabilities wherever possible for our clients.

Direct Business Rescue - Creating time and space for your business to recuperate and grow!

Key Services

Let us help you and allow us to advise on the best route forward for your current business situation.

IVA (Sole Traders)

Sole trader IVA is ideal for the self employed with mounting levels of both personal and business creditors. (which become 1 debt as not Ltd), who still wish to trade through the uncertain future ahead.

CVA (Ltd Co's)

CVA or company voluntary arrangement is a Government Legislation which was introduced in 1986 to help struggling limited companies stay solvent and afloat during difficult trading periods.

Liquidation (Ltd Co's)

We can advise on how and when to liquidate your company. We will detail all options from liquidation, liquidation and resurection, trading out of the situationm and your responsibilities as a director.

Insolvency Tuition

Our insolvency training course is very precise and thorough. 2 days of intensive training hones in on the very real basic knowledge that a delegate will need when advising clients .Knowledge gained will enable any business owner or director to steer their company back to being profitable and avoid insolvency.

Creditor Negotiation's

A unique service which we are able to offer clients based upon 20 years of negotion experience. We will negitiate/mediate between your company and your creditors. We are confident that we can achieve reductions and maintain a dwindling business relationship.

CCJ Appeal's

Many CCJ's (county court judgements) are granted due to default, (debtor not attending court). Our experience in the court room mean that we can apply to have these CCJ's relisted and your business properly represented.

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